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Aura Kártyajáték *angol nyelvű / english version*

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Aura Kártyajáték *angol nyelvű / english version*

Easy to learn, difficult to master! Enjoyed by casual and hardcore gamers alike, Aura is the perfect gateway into the world of modern card games. Outwit and bluff your way to victory, but remain flexible, because when the cards are revealed anything can happen.

Begin the game with your own deck of cards. Five distinct types of cards are represented by the five colors in your deck. The colors are visible on both the backs and fronts of each card to give the effect of an observable aura when in your hand. Take turns playing cards face down in an attempt to both protect your deck and to remove cards from your opponents’ deck. Win by having the most cards remaining at the end of the game.

In more detail, you need to interact with obstacles — whether killing them or knocking them out — to increase your future possibilities for interaction or to give you more time before bullets appear! The cards that you use are discarded to the obstacle pile while cards you pass by are placed in your personal discard pile, creating a mini-deck of cards. The game has three types of obstacle cards: enemy, scenery, and objects, with each type giving you different abilities when they’re in your deck.


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