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Avatar: The Way of Water W.O.P Deluxe Akciófigura – CET-OPS Crabsuit

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Avatar: The Way of Water W.O.P Deluxe Medium Action Figures CET-OPS Crabsuit

Inspired by nature, the RDA CET-OPS Crabsuit was built to assist in both above and underwater operations. With playable articulation and high level of detail, this medium deluxe figure set features a 1.25-inch RDA figure inside the cockpit and CET-OPS Crabsuit with 8 points of articulation.

Product Features:

– Medium deluxe World of Pandora set
– Highly detailed with playable articulation
– Includes a 1.25-inch RDA action figure inside the cockpit
– Includes CET-OPS Crabsuit action figure with 8 points of articulation
– Figure is showcased in Avatar Movie window box packaging
– CCollect all McFarlane Toys Avatar Movie products


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