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Dark Nights Metal Szobor – Batman The Merciless 21 cm

38 990 Ft

Dark Nights Metal Szobor – Batman The Merciless 21 cm

“My whole life, I had been afraid of doing what I knew needed to be done. Afraid to give all of myself to the battle. The helmet showed me that my codes and rules were naive. That all that truly mattered was victory. And now I would finally take it for myself.” Rocking into our world from the pages of Dark Nights: Metal comes the bloodthirsty Merciless. A nightmarish fusion of Batman and Ares, this member of the Dark Knights is a supremely powerful warmonger, taking all of the best tactical skills of Batman and pairing them with the might of Ares. This 21 cm tall polyresin statue is menacingly detailed based on the art in the miniseries. From the stunning, amplified Ares Bat-helmet that corrupted the Caped Crusader to the chains highlighting the blazing blue armor to the God Killer sword, it will command the room no matter where it stands. Limited to 5,000 pieces. Individually numbered.

Based on the art of Greg Capullo; sculpted by Neobauhaus.

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