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Urusei Yatsura Relax Time PVC Szobor – Lum 14 cm

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Urusei Yatsura Relax Time PVC Szobor – Lum 14 cm

The Lum „Relax Time” figure, from the classic „Urusei Yatsura” series, captures the enchanting and mischievous essence of this iconic character. Standing 14 centimeters tall, this depiction of Lum is a visual celebration of her charisma and vibrant personality.
The figurine depicts Lum in a relaxed moment, capturing her playful and charming character. Every detail, from the distinctive elements of his outfit to his cheerful facial expression, accurately reflects the playful nature of this beloved character.
Crafted with artistic care and quality materials, this figure not only embodies fidelity to the original work, but also brings a touch of magic and nostalgia to any Urusei Yatsura collection. Whether for devoted fans of the series or passionate collectors, this figurine is a vibrant tribute to the fantastic universe of Lum.
It’s a must-have piece for those who cherish memories of this classic series. Whether decorating a shelf or celebrating the adorable Lum, this „Relax Time” figurine is a charming addition to any Urusei Yatsura collection, bringing a touch of whimsy and playfulness to your space.

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