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World of Warcraft Plüssfigura – Crimson Whelpling 23 cm

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World of Warcraft Plush Figure Crimson Whelpling 23 cm

Hailing from the Wetlands, this young dragon is just learning how to hunt, breathe fire, and go on cute destructive rampages.
Already overwhelmingly cute in-game, this little pal is even cuter as plush. This 23cm Crimson Whelpling is looking for a new family to protect!

Quality: This sustainably produced premium plush is made using only the highest quality materials. Precise and robust stitching ensures its longevity. The outer fabric is exceptionally soft and promises an impressive durability due to its strong fibers. A cute and cuddly high end collectible!

Sustainability: This high quality plush collectible is made from GRS certified recycled polyester. The hangtags are made of FSC-certified recycled paper printed with eco-friendly plant-based inks. All remaining CO2 emissions generated during production and import are offset by climate projects, making each plush a climate-neutral certified product! With every purchase of our plush collectibles, you support the efforts of plasticbank® to protect our oceans!

Size: 23 x 20 x 25 cm


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